Just like anybody, I love films. There’s nothing like a heart-warming flick to lift the mood, or an epic cinematic masterpiece to inspire creativity. And also like anybody, I sometimes leave the cinema feeling as though I’ve just witnessed a missed opportunity.

But unlike just anybody, I don’t like to simply talk about how bad a film sucked because I acknowledge the hard work that’s gone into making them. No, rather than just say that a film’s not up to the mark, I’d like to physically show where or how they could have done it better.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking some of my favourite films apart, scene for scene. Where I personally think something’s missing, I’ll pitch in with a suggestion. Everybody’s entitled to an opinion, me included, and so this is just an exercise for me in screenwriting and playing the Devil’s Advocate with myself.

If you agree, disagree or agree to disagree, you can say so, but keep your comments respectful and constructive. Any plain old trolling will be erased. Thanks for stopping by and here’s to the long journey ahead!

Nikhil Lakhani


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