Sing Street 2!

2016 was a year of some truly phenomenal flicks and Sing Street was right up there among my favourites.

It was a brilliantly concocted, heartwarming piece of cinematic art, depicting the life of a boy growing up in 80s Dublin where he puts a band together to impress a girl and, on a deeper, more subliminal level, to cope with family issues at home.

I believe that other blogs and review sites have covered the main reasons why Sing Street is that great. The music, characters, plot, great script, direction etc. There were two things that I really loved about the film:

  1. Conor’s amazing character development. I felt as though I grew with him as he went from an awkward school boy to a confident singer.
  2. Brendan’s idea of paving the way for Conor by living it first with their parents. Something I can definitely relate to on some level. He was definitely my favourite, along with Eamon.

I’ve had a look around and many moviegoers agree wholeheartedly with me when I say: Sing Street 2?

It’s probably already been picked up and at some developmental stage, ready to be announced soon, but I thought I’d have a go at doing the first scene of the proposed flick.

My idea of Sing Street 2 is that it would focus on Conor’s struggle to “make it” in London, while Brendan does as he suggested he would when he stopped smoking hash for two days and make something of himself. I see him maybe teaching music at a school, but not in the conventional way, he does it his way.

We wouldn’t see much of the rest of the band, but Eamon would be ringing Conor constantly, asking for updates and growing more and more disheartened about the idea of “making it” in London.

Conor’s working at a pub to make ends meet and tensions are rising between him and Penny as she also struggles with her modelling career. They’re living in a shabby bed-sit.

That’s the basic premise of the film. Let’s see how one scene might actually look in script form:

Sing Street Recording Studio Scene_Page_1Sing Street Recording Studio Scene_Page_2Sing Street Recording Studio Scene_Page_3Sing Street Recording Studio Scene_Page_4Sing Street Recording Studio Scene_Page_5Sing Street Recording Studio Scene_Page_6Sing Street Recording Studio Scene_Page_7

Would you like to see a Sing Street 2? Have your say in the comments section below!


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