Batman Vs Wolverine: A Pennyworth Affair

I’ve always wondered what would happen if Wolverine and the Batman engaged in battle, and so I’ve decided to give it a go here.

I figured that this can’t just be like a gauntlet match in a computer game, there has to be some sort of (at least partially) credible back story to pit these two titans against one another. Here’s my take on the events leading up to Batman Vs The Wolverine, which I’ve chronicled below. Some of Logan’s history is what actually happened in certain versions of the comics, tweaked slightly for the purpose of this post.

It’s D-day, and Logan is a part of the Canadian Parachute Battalion dropping into Normandy for Operation Neptune. After failing to make an impact on the first day, Logan falls back with his battalion and joins Captain America for a nightcap with some buddies.

They’re joined by a group of Brits, among them SAS paratrooper Alfred Pennyworth. Pennyworth challenges some of the North Americans to a series of arm-wrestling bouts, and using an ancient technique, manages to beat them all.

Logan, known by his peers as the man with infinite strength, steps up to the plate to put Alfred to shame. The two engage, and in a surprise manoeuvre, Alfred beats him, causing him to be ridiculed by his comrades, and promptly to abandon his troops as he cannot stand being bested by an ordinary human soldier.

Along the way, he is captured by members of a special task force that call themselves “Weapon X” and is brought to a hidden facility on an island off the coast of France. In a bid to turn him into a weapon, they attempt to place false memory implants into his mind. That’s when he notices Alfred is a member of “Weapon X,” and it is the only real memory that sticks with him after the rest are replaced.

Years later, Logan is on an existential quest to find out who he really is. Or was. He tracks Alfred all the way to Gotham City, where he decides to pay him a little visit and settle the score once and for all…

And here it is, Batman Vs The Wolverine. Unrated, uncut and with no Marthas.



2 thoughts on “Batman Vs Wolverine: A Pennyworth Affair

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  1. Very interesting take! And totally got me with the end, expected something different (almost just as funny), but yeah definitely cool. Loving the script style of content btw, keep it up 👍


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